Zein Youssef’s FOURTH Battle with Childhood Cancer

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UPDATE ON ZEIN – 3/29/2018

UNFORTUNATELY, ZEIN will have to BATTLE CANCER for the FOURTH time. It is confirmed that Zein is facing a secondary malignancy called renal cell carcinoma caused by all the chemotherapy and radiation Zein endured the first  two battles


Zein’s battle with stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer started in 2013 when he was only 6 years old, he went through the most intense treatments known in the world of childhood cancer ranging from high dose chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, stem cell transplant, clinical trials and much much more! He has undergone so much in his childhood, and yet faced it all with faith and smiles!
4 years later battling a terrible form of cancer, and while Zein was in remission thanks to God, an amazing medical team and a group of 220k+ supporters world wide following and praying for him! Today and because of all the amazing people offering to help Zein and his family through out their journey with Cancer, this page has been created. Zein’s journey with the conventional treatment is expected to resume soon due to a NEW malignancy detected in March 2018, and his journey with alternative therapies, natural treatments and more will have to take an active role again, to help his body thrive and regain its strength, get rid of all the toxins, restore its functionality and hopefully live a long healthy Cancer Free life.
Most of you amazing people wanted to gift Zein toys, outings and more to help him make up the time he lost through his treatment. While the family has never held a fundraiser for Zein’s treatment or their living expenses before , this page is to help better utilize the love for Zein and direct it towards his new treatment regimen that is not covered by his medical insurance as well as happy experiences for Zein.

The Youssef Family believes that there is no better gift than the gift of health, they thankfully cover Zein’s needs of any materialistic thing a kid his age might enjoy and keep it to a bare minimum teaching him and his siblings the value of hard work and money.

All funds raised through this page will go to covering Zein’s medical expenses, supplements and alternative therapy treatments and Zein’s quality of life. If you wish to direct your monetary gift to a different use for Zein (an outing, a fun experience…etc) please indicate that in your notes or email the family directly. The family appreciates that, will use the funds accordingly and will be in touch 🙂

On behalf of The Youssef Family, thank you so much for wanting to be a part of the ZEINvolution. You guys are absolutely amazing!

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