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Thank you for all of your continued support in the fight for our Imke’s life.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, we have made it to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC where Imke has the best possible chance at Survival after she has been diagnosed with High-Risk MYC N Amplified Neuroblastoma.


Since our arrival here so much has happened. We know and TRUST that Father God is directing our steps and Imke’s treatment plan,

But this road has not been easy…
During our first round of Immunotherapy, after having an X-ray for radiation that was supposed to follow that next Monday, Dr. Modak came in to tell us that they had suspected relapse, that we needed additional scans and that the plan may change depending on what was found.

Relapse was confirmed, High dose Chemotherapy followed and a nine-hour Surgery was performed on November 23.


November 30, we were discharged from the Hospital after recovering from surgery in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for seven days and Today, 2nd of December, Imke started her second round of High dose Chemotherapy in order to eradicate any cancerous cells that may be lingering after the surgery.

After recent scans, Imke has undergone a second surgery and now another round of very high dose chemotherapy called ICE chemo. This round of chemotherapy has been very tough on Imke, but she continues to fight like the warrior that she is. We received the pathology report back and the mass that was taken out from Imke’s right upper lobe lung and the new spots that were found in her lungs were confirmed as metastatic neuroblastoma. It is not the news we had prayed and hoped for, BUT God has NOT given us a Spirit of fear, but of Power and Love and of Sound Mind.

Once Imke recovers from this round of chemo, Imke will most likely be facing another round of this VERY high dose chemotherapy, followed by a stem-cell transplant.

At this point in time, WE HAVE AN URGENT NEED – we have now used all of the funding that was initially raised for the Immunotherapy Treatment for these Unexpected, Unforeseen and Vital, Life-Saving Chemotherapies and Surgery which Imke needed. Although the hospital is continuing to treat Imke in good faith, without interruption, they are billing our account and we will be responsible to pay the remaining balance over time.

We are THANKFUL that because of YOU, we are able to be here in New York City fighting for Imke’s life with the BEST Survival rates here at Memorial Sloan where they have a Specialized team dedicated to Neuroblastoma. We are standing in faith that Our Father has brought us here to Memorial Sloan for Imke’s road to complete Healing & can just testify about His goodness & grace. #FaithfulGod. We are standing in faith that HE will continue to provide and open doors for Imke to be able to continue Treatment here at Memorial Sloan. We are thankful for the miracles we witness each day as we are here, both big and small.

Our gratitude for each one of you that has been a part of our journey cannot even be put into words.

We are therefore humbly asking once again for your help & support. If you are led in your heart to do so & to help Imke: PLEASE donate & share: https://helpinghandsawo.org/projects/warrior-imke/

Through Helping Hands we will receive 100% of all funds donated that will be paid over to Memorial Sloan. Thank you in advance and may God bless you all!

With man it is impossible BUT with God all things is POSSIBLE.

To God be the Glory!

John 11:4 “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.”

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