Trooper Jordon’s Journey with Brain Cancer

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WOW! This has been quite the whirlwind. As we continue on this journey of pediatric brain cancer, we wanted a way to share with all of you Jordon, the Trooper’s, story.


Jordon was experiencing morning headaches one to two times a week and some random nausea/vomiting. It wasn’t until December that we learned the cause of those headaches. Thinking Jordon had the flu and was in need of some fluids, we took him to the Children’s Hospital in Highlands Ranch, CO. Because of the recent headaches, vomiting and weight loss, we were sent to the ER. The doctors ordered up some blood work and a CT Scan. The CT Scan revealed a mass that measured between 3 cm and 4 cm located between his brain stem and the cerebellum. We were shocked!

On December 20th, Jordon’s 10th birthday, we took an ambulance ride from the south campus of Children’s Hospital to the main campus in Aurora, CO. December 21st, a brain tumor, for him a medulloblastoma, was confirmed by an MRI requiring immediate surgery.

After an intense 6 1/2 hour surgery, we got to meet with the surgeon to hear his perspective on how the surgery went. He explained that the surgery was much more difficult than he originally thought. He indicated that he thought he was able to remove 90% if not a little more of the tumor, but would have to wait to confirm how much of the tumor was removed with an MRI the following day. He also explained that the tumor was incredibly vascular and that was why Jordon needed the blood transfusion and extra plasma during the surgery. Jordon came away from that surgery with 100% of the visible tumor removed, but serious vision and balance impairments.

At the end of the known treatment phase, Jordon’s body will have had to endure 6 weeks of daily radiation and 9 months of chemotherapy. He continues to be called a trooper regardless of the many challenges he continues to face. His mantra has and continues to be, “With Jesus I Stand!”

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the love, support, and prayers poured over Jordon and our family. Thank you to all of you who have been asking how to help us as we continue to navigate this unknown journey.

With all of the medical bills and gas for trips to and from the hospital adding up quickly, we felt as if a financial donation would be a much appreciated blessing for our family.

Thank you!

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