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Reynaldo Flores @ age 11 he was diagnosed January 21, 2013 with Choroid Plexus Carcinoma 3. January 24, 2013 he had his 1st brain surgery and he was in the ICU and we spent 2 1/2 months at the hospital hoping he will make it. Then he pulled through and went straight to Rehab to regain his strength and memory back to normal.
Reynaldo has had several Tumor removal since his 1st diagnosis and he then had Radiation and he then had a relapsed 2014 & after his relapse his tumors are coming back aggressively, they have tried every chemo therapy they can and gamma knife radiation and they keep coming back. We have tried Trials that we decide to try in September 2017 & wasn’t successful he was feeling awful that he just wanted to quit and end his life pleading me to get something because of how awful he was feeling, I encourage him to not quit to continue to fight. He was only on Remission for two years.

That’s when the surgeon at the time was hesitant to remove the tumor but did anyways and was successful, when then they decided to run a scan they were surprised that there was 3 tumors that return and they did another surgery in December 2017 and also revised his shunt that was not working properly. Then they waited a month later for them to repeat an MRI & again they found 4 tumors and they decided to do gamma knife radiation in January 2018. We waited for another MRI and seem the amount giving of gamma knife dose wasn’t working, so they then decided to go and do another surgery to remove the tumors.

April 17, 2018 he went under surgery and during surgery he suffered a stroke and left his right side with no feelings, which he is under going Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy to help him regain his strength. In May 2018 He had his last gamma knife radiation, then we had to wait till August 2018 to know how everything was after the gamma knife radiation they did to see how his tumors were, August 2018 we were told then that they ran out of options for him and that nothing was responding to his tumors.

So he is with the Hummingbird program (Hospice) if he ends up getting sick or worsens. His next scan is November 2018 to see how his tumors are. Rey as I call him and have been devastated with the news that they ran out of options and that nothing can be done if anything new comes back with November scan. Rey has lost a lot over the years with this cancer, his has vision impairment and also suffered a stroke that is keeping him to do what he enjoyed which is playing with his game systems which now he just sits and watches the games on YouTube which breaks my heart.

We had too move several times since his stroke and financially we are having a great deal of trouble paying our rent I’m a single mom and unable to work because i have to care for him. I dress him, feed him, bathe him, and make sure he is comfortable in his hospital bed and watch him to make sure he is ok as I sleep next to him on a cot to make sure he is ok.

After Thanksgiving he threw up and waiting enough to take him to the Family doctor which he wasn’t able to help him and recommend for him to go to hershey hospital because he was unable to treat something he wasn’t sure what he had.

This Past Friday told me he was felt nauseous and then he said “no i think im going to have a seizure and pass out and was unresponsive gave him rescue medication to see if he would come back as i was crying and devastated i call 911 while Ivan help him stay with us while he continue having a seizure and try to snap him out of it, ambulance arrived and request to finish the rescue medication and send off to hershey hospital, his heart rate was super high and he was admitted. He was still continued to have seizure symptoms and headaches and nausea and vomiting. But was send home with those symptoms. He is afraid to eat and drink because of his symptoms and afraid he would choke he is afraid to sleep because of his symptoms in his head. We at home take turns watching him to make sure he is ok at times i don’t sleep at all.

He has miss homebound instruction and PT/OT because he is not at his best, we can use all the help we can get.

Since he had some studies it shows seizures activities in the brain that wants to happen really bad but they are going to keep him in the hospital for 3 days this year sometime in January to see deep down where those symptoms are happening and to treat it with the right dose.

We are struggling a big deal with keeping our home and bills up to date and getting his treatment his insurance doesnt pay for. He still has 3 tumors in his brain and February 8 will be his MRI & we are praying for no new tumors 🙏🏼 Keep us in your prayers please.

I’m hoping that with our story you find it in your heart to help us with what you can so we can remain in our home and take that burden off our shoulders. Rey is a great kid and appreciate just as well I do all the help we have gotten over the years. Please keep Reynaldo Flores in your prayers and thank you so much for allowing us to share our story. We will really appreciate the help and the prayers for my son.

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