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Bella is 13 and was diagnosed with an HGNET B-COR mutation, which is a rare form of brain and spinal cord cancer, on 5th October 2018. After the initial biopsy and diagnosis, Bella had to undergo emergency brain surgery as one of the tumors had grown and caused a blockage. The temporary shunt they installed was later replaced with a permanent one, and a port was also inserted in preparation for the treatment ahead. Whilst healing from her surgeries, she underwent an intense seven week treatment of radiation and chemotherapy at PCPT, in Knoxville, which is over 3 hours from our home in Nashville. Following her initial 37 treatments, Bella returned home to Nashville for a 6 week recovery period. On the 5th Feb, she will begin a further 6 months of intense chemotherapy which will require hospitalisation each month for 6 months. Needless to say, this is just the beginning of a long and arduous journey for our family. During the next 7 months and beyond, both of us as parents will be alternating care for Bella and unable to work full-time, which will make our financial situation extremely difficult with the mounting astronomical medical bills that are associated with this type of treatment. We have two other children besides Bella at home also.

We are asking for donations, small or large, to help our family during this time of need, so we can focus solely on Bella’s recovery.

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