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Emmit damas was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma at 15 months old. The cancer had spread from hes arenal gland to hes left kidney, taking up hes whole stomach area, he had cancer in hes sinus cavity through out hes brain, and throughout the bones in hes arms and left leg. First treatments had go start a.s.a.p to help save him so we started chemotherapy which shrunk hes tumor this took 5 months, then we did a stem cell harvest to get ready for hes 2 transplants, he went through the tumor resection surgery removing hes left kidney as well, going through 2 stem cell transplant, and 2 weeks of radiation then off to immunothetapy . The second month into getting the immunothetapy emmit got really sick hes face started dropping so hes doctor wanted him to have an urgent m.r.i to make sure he wasnt having a stroke from the medication Il.2 and we found out that hes cancer had come back in hes brain yet again. Our family had our lives flipped upside down when we first found out he had cancer but to hear that he relapsed during treatment was yet another very hard hit to out family. Emmits treatment now is doing immunothetapy, mixed with chemotherapy, and aggressive radiation to hes live tumor in hes brain,  hoping for a better possible outcome since there is no known cure for relapsed neuroblastoma but there is always some hope and prayers really do work… Miracles happen everyday….

emmit is a fighter..


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