Seeing is Believing! Be the Sight for Zhyla’s Vision

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Zappy, Zazzy, Zhyla is 21 months old and has been diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, cancerous tumors in both retinas. In her right eye, Zhyla has Stage B Cancer with sight. Zhyla’s left eye is in Stage D. She has lost 90% of her sight in this eye and the percentage rate to save this eye is very high. As we begin this long journey to remission, Zhyla is continuing to find delight while listening to her mother or big sister read to her. Zhyla enjoys spending time with her family traveling, trying new foods, and playing overall. Taking walks and being pushed in the stroller is something Zhyla enjoys doing. Due to her Retinoblastoma, the smallest amount of sun affects her. She is required to wear bucket hats and high UV protected sunglasses. She has broken most of them. Zhyla loves to sing along with the songs she has learned in school and any aquatic activity.

Zhyla’s aggressive chemotherapy is every three weeks with a week of recovery and a week to prepare for treatment. This only leaves a few days a month for Zhyla to enjoy her friends at school without fear of infection or injury. Every Wednesday she gets her bloodwork done. Since her optic nerve is higher than normal, there are only two doctors on the East Coast who do the preferred type of chemotherapy. When she receives her Neroradiology treatments in New York and Pennsylvania, we have to stay in a hotel, hospital housing when available, or The Ronald McDonald if available. I also have a 13-year-old who has to stay with friends or family members five days straight and sometimes other days for school while Zhyla and I are away receiving treatment. As a single mother, this has been financially and emotionally straining for my family.

With prayers and support Zhyla will See and be Cancer Free, so she can have a bright future while enjoying her childhood.

There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone who is losing theirs.

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