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My daughter Natalie Marie was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer at just 5 weeks old. She was considered intermediate risk . We have a rough six months, me loosing my job. Natalie being inside the hospital most of the time due to infections in her central line . We where their for 25 days the first time and the month of September we were their the whole month. She got schedule for surgery September 25 and it was a success! After surgery she went home , got sick with RSV and we return for a whole week and she was put in the ICU for for 2 days. We got discharge , we came back for scans after she was good to go from RSV a month later . She got her scans and praise the lord her scans where clear!!!! She had a short treatment , but a tough one , 3 rounds of chemo therapy which took all her hair… But their was no day that my baby didn’t want to eat , always smiling happy to see her brothers . My youngest would stay with me due to me not having someone to watch him ( he suffers from fever seizures ) my oldest would stay with a friend so he could go to school. We were one hour away from home . We lost pretty much everything we had since she got sick and I had a high risk pregnancy so I was in bed rest since I was 5 months. Due to no income coming In . Life is being really tough right now but we haven’t lost hope. We were offer a room for me and my kids . It needs some major work , repairs & some furniture to make it liveable for my kids and I . I’m ready to start the next chapter in life with them by my side . I’m ready to get back up on my feet and be able to provide . This funds would help with buying Mayte rial and furniture for the kids so I could move in ASAP . It would really mean a lot to me , any help it’s appreciated it! Thank you from my kids and I !!!

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