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***You may notice that it says: “Successful”, indicating the goal has been met, that is because The Kabels have asked that the goal amount be set to $1 because they are humbled and thankful for any support that you feel led to give.***

As most of you know by now, Sally went home to God. Mommy, Daddy, and the boys are heartbroken, in shock, and still trying to process it all.

I know that many of you, like I do, love the Kabel Family and love Sally and are probably feeling helpless and wanting to do something. They are appreciative of all of the calls, texts, and messages of support, but just need some time; however, they have conveyed to me their immediate needs for those who want to help.

In an effort to help our friends, I am setting up this fundraising page to lift any unnecessary stress and burden from them at this time. The money raised through this page will go toward Sally’s funeral expenses, unexpected medical bills that will surely come, and therapy for Matt, Nicole, and the boys.

Any portion of the funds raised that are not used by the Kabels will be donated to Sunrise Day Camp and Kids Need More. These camps are near and dear to the Kabels, as they have brought Sally and the boys so much joy and support and will continue to do so for Thomas and William, as they grieve the loss of their sister. These wonderful camps are free to children with cancer and their siblings.

With Faith, Love, and Much Hope for a Cure,

Dena Sherwood

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