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Lilly is a two year old princess from Pennsylvania. Lilly experiences respiratory issues from a few weeks old. She was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer March 2016. Lilly was in respiratory distress from a mass that occupied 3/4 of her chest cavity. Lilly was rushed for surgery where she received a port for immediate chemotherapy. Lilly was under a medically induced coma for a few weeks. She lost half her body weight and had to learn to walk and eat again. Lilly is moving in the right direction. The tumor responded well to chemo but is still present in her chest. This causes respiratory issues often. Lilly lost her hair but never her spirit. She always smiled even through the pain. Lilly’s mom is a single parent. She is under financial stress with Lilly’s diagnosis. The funds raised will help cover the extra expenses that are occurred while traveling for hospital visits and bills to help keep necessities covered for Lilly and her big brother.

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