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Amber was just 9 years old when she was diagnosed with very high risk leukemia with Philadelphia chromosome positive. I was a devastated mother that day she was diagnosed. No mother wants any of her children to have to endure what most cancer kiddos have to. Thankfully Amber has been kicking cancers butt since the very first day of her diagnosis! However, cancer treatments are not free and for a family who does not qualify for any kind of assistance, cancer treatments take a huge toll on finances for any family. One single chemotherapy treatment is $10,000! While insurance does cover a small portion of treatments, visits, hospital stays, lab work, etc….. There are still huge portions left over that then become our responsibility and Amber’s medical costs have well exceeded into the millions since 2016. We have set up a medical fund account for Amber’s medical bills and have been blessed throughout this journey to have people donate and help us pay down and completely pay off, many of Amber’s medical bills. We are always beyond thankful for generous donors who have helped to give our family one last thing to worry about as we focus on other things like helping to keep Amber going strong in her fight. We know that without a doubt God will bless all our generous donors a hundred fold in return! Thank you so much and remember that no amount is too small.
God Bless!

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