Jasmine Sierra’s Fund to Battle Ewing’s Sarcoma

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Jasmine Sierra just turned 20 and was ready to begin her life. She graduated high school with honors, had been the star MVP player of her high school basketball team, was set to join the military, get her undergraduate degree and marry her fiancé and begin building a family.  She had a plan, and a really good one!  A plan that any parent would be excited to see their child achieve.  But life dealt this young woman a crushing blow, the kind that no one expects to hear, cancer!  Jasmine had severe back pain for 18 months from what was believed to be a sports injury from playing basketball with her brothers.  She went from doctor to doctor, had multiple ER visits, had physical therapy, injections in her back and all the while she had a tumor in her back. She was placed on opioids over a year ago and was bed ridden for about 6 months. All the while she was developing tumors throughout her body and severe neuropathy in her legs and feet so she is unable to stand or walk.


Finally her journey got her to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles where they immediately diagnosed her with Stage 4 Ewing’s Sarcoma and put an aggressive treatment plan in place. Her treatments are harsh and unforgiving beyond what you can imagine.  Watching her endure the kind of pain that chemo brings is unimaginable.  She often can’t eat, has mouth sores that go down her esophagus to her stomach making drinking water almost impossible.  Her treatment will take at least a year if there are no complications. She is having dual chemotherapy regimens meaning that she will alternate chemotherapy regimens every 14 days instead of the normal one regimen every 28-30 days. Double the pain twice the harshness, little relief.


The Sierra family is in URGENT need of your financial support. Bills are piling up and as you would expect the only focus in on healing Jasmine and the bills will still be there.  But with your help, they don’t have to be there.  Jasmine’s mom Bonnie is staying in the hospital 24/7. Her father has to travel between 50 – 100 miles a day (depending on where his job location is) to visit his daughter at CHLA. The cost of hospital food, parking, gas, time off of work, etc. are draining the family quickly.  You can help!  Please consider donating to help off-set these expenses and show the family there is hope and lots of love and support coming their way!  Thank you!!!

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