Hope for Heidi

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Fifteen. Heidi should be enjoying her Sophomore year with her friends, going to football games, celebrating Homecoming and all other high school activities. This picture was the first day of school and only one of two days she was able to attend this year before being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia; it was actually two weeks of poking and prodding before receiving this official diagnosis.

It all started with a backache and escalated into 12 nights at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, (after an ambulance transport from St. Paul), one surgery and countless procedures including biopsies, blood and platelett transfusions and many forms of chemo treatments. This will be the new normal for the next 2.5 years, so the doctors and medical staff say. It’s unbelievable, and yet all too familiar with Christina being a cancer survivor herself.

In addition to the emotional stress and managing this illness, this has imposed a significant financial burden to the Kuckes Family, a family of four: Dan, Christina, Elizabeth and the warrior, Heidi.

In just a short 29 days of only the first phase of Heidi’s treatment plan, the medical bills are well exceeding $15,000 (after insurance, and a new calendar year approaching with resetting deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses). This does not include any of the non-covered prescription costs, traveling more than 150 miles per week for treatments and check ups, lost wages, or home supplies to provide a comfortable and safe setting at home for Heidi. Christina has taken a leave from work to provide the full time care needed at home, while Dan has returned to work full time; Elizabeth is managing the 8th grade and together they are simply trying to cope and find comfort as a family.

The ask from all of us, family and friends of Heidi and The Kuckes Family, is that we all come together to help and provide financial assistance in any way, while continuing to keep them lifted through prayer. There are no contributions too small and every bit brings help, healing and HOPE for HEIDI, as this journey has only just begun.

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