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Zachary Lance Parham was born on 3/11/2001. He is a 10th grader at North Valley High School in Grants Pass, OR.   He was diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia on 12/17/2016.  Zachary is going to be receiving treatments at Doernbechers Children Hospital in Portland, OR for the next three years.


Zachary has a fantastic attitude! He is up and thinking positive about everything. Zachary had been wanting to dye his hair blue for some time and was told no, not yet. When the diagnosis came, and the treatment explained to him he asked if he could have his hair dyed blue, you know, since it was going to fall out anyway. His strength is great, and he is such a fabulous kid (young man). SO, he got what he wanted; his hair is now blue!  He is happy to be at such a great facility. They have so many things to do there to keep them busy, and best of all, the computer games he loves to play so much!


Currently, his mother Dayna Sandberg has been in Portland since 12/17 and is staying with him full-time in at the Ronald McDonald house. They will be there until at minimum mid to late January. His father, Lance Parham is driving to Portland every weekend to be with his son and working full time during the week.

Dayna is herself a two-time childhood cancer survivor! To this day she still has complications and is not able to work at this time which puts an even more financial strain on the family. She is his strength as well and it the best possible person to be there with him to get him through this tough time.


There are many costs associated with treatment for Zachary’s Leukemia. Their health insurance has a $13,800 calendar year deductible. With this diagnosis so close to the end of the year they will be hit with another $13,800 deductible after January 1st. There are also many co-pays for prescriptions and other miscellaneous appointments.

Other costs they are incurring are:

Travel expenses (gas, hotel, etc.) for Lance

Unpaid time off of work for Lance

Travel expenses (gas, hotel, etc.) for Dayna. Once they are back home in Grants Pass, they will need to continue to go to Portland for treatment which will be an overnight visit.


Please help support the family with financial assistance during this unexpected diagnosis! They all could use your strength and support during this fight that will go on for years. There are still a lot of unknowns, so we will keep you updated. As you know, every little bit helps and adds up.

Anything at all you can spare will go to the maintenance of his family and the cost of giving him a fighting chance

Let’s step up now, with the same love that Zachary so generously spread in the past, to help ensure his future.


Love and hugs to all!

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