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Axel is an adorable, precious, almost 3 year old who has two strikes against him – one is, he is an orphan in Eastern Europe and the second is that as an infant he was diagnosed with 4s Neuroblastoma. (This type of childhood cancer is usually observed only and often times resolves on its own – but the status of his disease is unknown)

This label of 4s Neuroblastoma is making it very difficult to be adopted – in Eastern Europe they don’t have the same medical treatments as we do and he needs a family.

Rick and Kristin Sherman, bereaved parents of Riley Rose, age 6, are willing, able and prepared to adopt Axel. Along with their five year old, Matthew, they are ready to open their hearts and their home to Axel.

This family knows and understands the challenges of Neuroblastoma and have the entire NB community along with the best specialists standing behind them. As his disease status is unknown – we are unsure of what will need to be done. He might have resolved disease, which is quite possible with 4S, and he will go on to live a wonderful, fulfilled long life. He might need some treatment – surgery – all of this is unknown.

Many people think this is a far-fetched and crazy plan. They ask why would you allow yourself and your family to be hurt and what if he needs treatment? What if he dies? The fact of the matter is that Axel deserves a family – Axel deserves love and he deserves access to medical care. Just because we don’t want to be hurt again, doesn’t mean that we should forsake this orphan. We
are called to love and serve widows and orphans and for some reason this child is calling out to us.

All we have seen of him are three little pictures – and he feels like ours. We feel like he is already part of our family.

Here is the challenge: Because we lost our daughter to cancer, and because we still have 15-18k in unpaid medical bills, and new bills that come in weekly, we don’t have the available funds for an international adoption. We need to raise 35-45k and we need to raise it quickly.

We have partnered with the Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation to receive donations directly through them with no overhead and no fees. If you have a foundation, you can write a check to them, earmarking it in the memo for Axel, or you can also send funds via PayPal to [email protected]

This is the part we despise – we hate to ask for money. We hate to depend on others – we have jobs to support Axel – we have a family to love Axel but we don’t have the extra money to bring him home.

With love and hope, we ask for your help in bringing Axel home!

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