Hannahs fight against rhabdomyosarcoma

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Hannah was born on November 19 2017! Just two days after her 37 week ultrasound where they found “something” on her spine! She was born with rhabdomyosarcoma on her left back and luckily it didn’t go into her spine or other surrounding structures. To care for hannah I am now a stay at home mom until she is finally out of treatment which she has been on since 10 days old! With some breaks from then to now! She is now on daily oral chemo and weekly iv chemo for three weeks with one week off… this is just to make sure we get all the cells that might have survived her surgery and her active iv chemo from 10 days old to about 11 months old! We are hoping to be out of treatment in May! And I will be able to go back to work!

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