Goal Reached! Fundraiser for Reid Sweeney, a 10-year-old dancer and cancer fighter

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10-year-old Reid is a dancer from Missouri. A couple weeks ago she learned that she had cancer and had her right eye surgically removed. Rather than get upset, Reid proudly stated that she was simply happy to be able to “dance and live!”

Reid is so inspiring that we invited her to perform a solo dance routine at CureFest in Washington, DC in mid-September. Her parents considered this opportunity and were disappointed that they could not accept the offer due to the transportation costs.

Many people have told us they would love to help Reid and her family participate in CureFest so we have started this fundraiser for them.  Will you please make a donation to cover their hotel and airfare for Reid, her two brothers and her parents? This will be a life-changing experience for Reid and her entire family.

To give you an idea of Reid’s personality, here is the first message we received from her in early August.(Her mom asked us to correct her spelling before posting this but we think it’s perfect just the way it is!)

“Hey My name is Reid. I am 10 years old and am a dancer from St. Louis, MO. I recently found out terrible news! I was just diagnosed with retinoblastoma!

I had a choice of removal of the eye or kemo therapy. I chose removal of the eye because using the kemo you would take a chance of it coming to the brain. Last wendsday i removed my right eye! I am able to dance and so thankful to be able to dance and live! I would love to be an ambassador and tell kids like me or any cancer my story! I’m Reid Sweeney and I’m 10 years old. I want to share my story to help all children fighting cancer!”

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