Elana Laila

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We all have goals and dreams, and strive to equip ourselves for the unexpected and maximize our fortunate lives. A family that has become incredibly important to me could not have possibly prepared for their life’s challenges, and have had to put both their dreams, and a sense of normalcy, on hold.

Please meet my special friend, Laila: A smart and talented girl (with a beautiful voice), and most definitely the bravest girl I have ever met. She has been going through agressive chemo-therapy treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center since the beginning of August, 2016.

Like most children her age, she was enjoying the sunshine of summer camp, singing and dancing and laughing with friends. When her mother picked her up, she was limping and she told her mother that her leg was hurting. Laila’s mom rushed her to the emergency room.

Little did she and her family know that her life was on the brink of seismic change. From sleepless nights in a dark hospital room to unfathomable nausea, tummy aches and more needles than most people see throughout their lifetime, Laila has been battling everyone’s worst nightmare.

Laila also endured 12 hours of bone reconstructive surgery in November and since then she has been in a spica cast (from her waist, covering both legs), causing her to be bed-bound for over 6 months. For anyone, being bed-bound is depressing and limiting. But for a smiley, singing, dancing, intrigued, and friendly girl, you can’t even imagine both the emotional and physical pain Laila has been forced to endure.

This is a long term battle on multiple fronts for her and her family.

Laila’s parents had to take an extended leave from their life’s responsibilities to help fight the battle for Laila and with Laila. They have been spending an immense amount of time with her in the hospital both as an outpatient and as inpatient.

Their other child needs childcare when they are in the hospital. On top of that they take care of Laila’s grandmother who needs financial help and care.

This is a huge challenge for any family to have to endure. Any amount of financial support of whatever you feel is appropriate along with prayers would be warmly received.