Cinceres stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma medical fund

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The proceeds raised will go towards helping offset some of the Bills and daily living expenses that will occur while Cincere is going through chemotherapy.
My daughter Cincere who is just 11 was diagnosed on May 1 2017 with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. She started chemotherapy on May 8 2017. This will be a uphill battle but we will fight with all of our might all while keeping it positive and staying in faith that we will beat and over come this cancer. Cincere will be unable to go to school until she completes chemo and her sysyetem is back up and running to protect her from infection this has very much interfered with her daily routine. We visit out hemoc doctor at least once a week if not more and are in a 21 day chemo cycle to where we are admitted to the Hospital 3 days out of the 21 days. The proceeds will help to cover any travel cost and cost of expenses that we will have while In the hospital. Funds will also help with daily bills as I her mother will be unable to work while she is fighting this battle. I want to be by her every step of the way!!! We appreciate every thing everyone has done and continues to do and even if you can not donate please pray!!! There is power in prayer. Thank you all in advance and I will definitely keep everyone updated. GOD BLESS

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