Caring For Brian’s Brain Tumor

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Hello, my sons name is Brian Payne 3rd. He was born 5-14-2017. He began to become ill at just 2 months of age after several tests they finally did an mri and found he has a large Brain Tumor. After this finding we had then decided to move our son to a better hospital dedicated to children, the hospital is 3 hours from our home and we travel there weekly for treatment. When we found out about the tumor we spent about 5 months in the hospital they had to do a very serious Brain surgery to remove a small percentage of the tumor they cannot remove the entire tumor due to being in his main blood vessels in the brain, without causing to much brain damage. After that he then had another surgery to place a shunt, and feeding tube and a port. After long months in the hospital recovering from the surgery and hydrocephalus we are now home and traveling once a week to get chemotherapy. Due to his immune system and his medical needs we his parents have not been to work since his diagnosis. Brian has strongly made it through almost 2 years of chemotherapy and still fighting hard. This is a chronic illness and a lifetime Brian tumor he will have for the rest of his life. Thank you for reading our sons story. Anything helps taking care of a sick child is very hard. Anything donated will be used for traveling to his chemotherapy and used for Brian’s daily needs. Thank you so much.

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