#CambriStrong – Help relieve financial stress for Cambri and Shannon

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13-year-old Cambri Dorko and her mom Shannon have been fighting childhood cancer as team for many years. Sadly, Cambri’s disease is spreading rapidly and isn’t responding to a very potent type of chemo called ICE. On top of this devastating news its that Shannon is a single mom who has had to take a leave of absence from work from her job as a waitress. Every day that Shannon misses work, it adds to her sky-high stress level. Cambri has told us personally that she feels responsible for her family’s difficult financial situation because she has cancer. We believe that Cambri and Shannon should not have to worry about money right now and should only be focused on Cambri’s health. Shannon has a GoFundMe that she occasionally shares but that fundraising company is a for-profit business that takes nearly 10% of the money raised to cover platform fees and credit card fees. With this Helping Hands fundraiser, Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation covers all expenses and fees so that 100% of your donation will go directly to Cambri and Shannon. If you donate $100, they will get $100. If you donate $1,000, they will get $1,000. Also we will send the funds to them very quickly so they don’t have to wait. Helping Hands is a no-frills site but it is very effective and completely free for childhood cancer families. Will you help Cambri and Shannon during this very challenging time?

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