Help 10-year-old 2x cancer fighter and dancer Ava Blaser speak and perform at CureFest

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10-year-old competitive dancer Ava Blaser is fighting cancer for the second time. When she was 3, Ava was diagnosed with Stage 5 Bilateral Wilms, a form of cancer in both kidneys. Earlier this year Ava learned that her cancer had returned 6 years after finishing treatment.

Ava is determined to beat cancer again but she also wants to do more. She wants to use her experience to advocate for all children fighting cancer. Ava was too young the first time around to speak out but now she is ready.

Ava and her sister Emma have been invited to speak and perform at CureFest for Childhood Cancer in Washington, DC this September. Even through treatment, dance has been one of the bright spots in Ava’s life and she wants to share her love of dance with others.

The challenge is that Ava’s family is facing large medical bills so they don’t have the extra funds to travel to this event. Will you help Ava and her family by making a donation to help defray their travel expenses? While this will be a fun and rewarding trip for Ava, this is not simply a family vacation. Ava and Emma are on a mission and have very specific advocacy goals for the trip.

Ava’s doctors are aware of this pending trip and hope that they will be able to clear her for travel. As with all cases involving a child in treatment, there is a chance that Ava will not be able to attend due to medical reasons. If Ava is not able to attend CureFest, the donated funds will go toward Ava’s medical bills.

100% of your donation will benefit Ava and her family. Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation covers all of the administrative expenses and credit card fees in order to maximize the impact of your donation.

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