A New Roof for Austin!

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Back in 2014, we bought a great little house in Webster Groves. We knew that we had about 5 years to replace the roof–the inspector told us that it wouldn’t last any longer than that and that it was too old to qualify for replacement by insurance even in the case of hail damage, etc. I slowly started looking at the options and prices but didn’t rush into anything.

When Austin got sick in mid-2016, all thoughts about the roof stopped since we had to focus on just the basic necessities and getting through the treatment plan. In Fall of 2018, we noticed that there were a couple of moldy spots on the plywood under the porch roof, very close to the master bedroom wall. We replaced nails that had left holes and filled them with caulk to hopefully prevent further damage but now had to worry that there could be mold in the attic and that a leak could get to the bedroom and cause a lot more damage. Mold would be especially dangerous for Austin with his suppressed immune system!!

We got a local roofing company out for an estimate and were able to negotiate a payment plan for a new roof to go on. It was installed the first week of February and now we don’t have to worry about leaks but do have to worry about 7 payments of $614. We have lots of medical bills coming in since our insurance plan renewed on Dec. 1st as well so will need to meet the out of pocket maximum again now.

Austin is on track to finish treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the end of December 2019. Help us pay for the roof so we can celebrate with him at the end of the year instead of worry about moving due to debt!

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