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Two time cancer fighter, Ava Blaser, is an 11 year old dancer, and has dreamed about dancing in Los Angeles at The Playground LA with her sister, Emma! The Playground LA has generously given a class scholarship to these two dancers, but we need your help with flight and hotel expenses.

Ava was originally diagnosed with Stage 5 Bilateral Wilms (a form of kidney cancer in both kidneys) at just 3 years old and lost her entire left kidney and part of her right kidney. Last January 2018, Ava learned that her cancer had returned and she had to fight again. She spent the past year fighting her own cancer battle and at the same time, she and her sister, Emma, have been fighting for other cancer kids. Ava and Emma are committed to spreading awareness of childhood cancer. They are national spokespersons for The Truth365 and Dance Hope Cure. Ava and Emma are invited to speak and perform at events across the country to help raise pediatric cancer awareness and they have recently started their own campaign to raise money to fund research of Wilms Tumors – the type of cancer Ava had.

I’m Kayla Brenda, a professional dancer and teacher, and had the privilege of watching Ava and Emma perform and speak this past December at a benefit event for Childhood cancer in Colorado. Not only was I blown away by the sisters’ talent, but was so deeply moved at their maturity and eloquence as they spoke about their work with Truth365 and Dance Hope Cure. I later connected with the girls’ mother, and learned a bit more about Ava’s story and the irreplaceable role that dance has played in her fight against cancer. As a professional dancer myself, I know how much of a refuge dance was for me growing up, and am so grateful Ava and Emma have had that outlet as they face difficulties most kids wouldn’t even begin to comprehend. I want to help the girls get to Los Angeles to take part in a dance scholarship at Playground, because I am confident it will affect them positively, initiate inspiration, and put them that much closer to their future goals and dreams. Please consider making a donation to help cover airfare and hotel expenses so that Ava an Emma can take part in this opportunity to fulfill a dream, and inspire bigger dreams for their bright futures:)
Per Ava and Emma’s request, any remaining funds not used to cover this request, will be used to help with travel expenses to Washington DC in September for CureFest. Ava and Emma will go to Capitol Hill to speak about Childhood Cancer, and will perform and speak at National Mall.